About The Federation

Mandpeshwar Civic Federation is a brainchild of a few selfless intellectuals who had the dream to create a platform for creation of recreational and multi-sporting facilities in the fast growing suburb of Borivali. With intent to realise their dreams, they pooled in their talents, time and energy to create a roadmap. A federation consisting of various co-operative societies in the vicinity of Mandpeshwar Road was formed in 1987 as the first stepping stone in the right direction. This conglomeration was christened as Mandpeshwar Civic Federation(MCF). This organisation was registered under Public Trusts Act.

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1987 Mandpeshwar Civic Federation is born.

The members of Mandpeshwar Civic Federation seek the lease of a vacant plot of municipal land in the Prem Nagar locality of Borivali (West), earmarked for development partly into a garden and partly for sports and recreation. The erstwhile Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika allocates leasehold for part of the plot earmarked for garden to MCF.

1989 MCF successfully creates a beautiful garden in the month of June largely assisted by a substantial financial aid from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. The success of the maiden venture proves to be a shot in the arm for the active members of the Federation.
1993 In consideration of the immense efforts taken by MCF in creating and maintaining the garden, BMC grants the remainder of the plot to the Federation for developing a swimming pool and multi sports facility. Although the finances for creation of this mammoth task was flowing in a trickle, the enthusiasm of the members was least dampened and a massive membership drive was initiated by MCF to generate funds. The drive gained impetus after members of the Federation managed to persuade their friends and acquaintances to join in their efforts by becoming members of MCF.
1995 The swimming pool was thrown open to members of the Federation. The construction of the sports complex is underway.
1998 The construction of the sports complex is completed. Sports facilities include Table Tennis, Carrom, Swimming, Card room, Chess, Gymnasium, Badminton & Health Club.
2005 BMC allots plots largely consisting of marshy land earmarked for garden in Eksar village.
2007 After spending an amount in excess of One Crore rupees from the coffers of MCF, a tastefully landscaped garden and Joggers track is created and thrown open to public.