Associate Membership

Any tow registered children of Life Member / Patron Member on attaining age of 18 years and on making application can become Associate Member or alternatively may apply directly for Life Membership. Associate Membership shall subsist till the Associate Member attains the age of 25 years. Associate Member shall pay 25% of Life Membership Fee fixed for Associate Member, along with his application for Associate Membership.

Particulars Payable Amount  (Membership fee + 15% GST)
Associate Membership Fee. (Those Life / Patron Members children’s completing 18 years of their age) Membership valid up to 25 years of age.
  Rs. 17,700.00 (Rs. 15,000.00 + Rs. 2,700.00 )

 Instruction To Applicant :

  1. The Application Form must be filled in in capital letters, preferable typewritten.
  2. Please return the folder in toto except the instructions.
  3. Provisional Receipt will be issued on submission of the application, duly completed in all respects and Final Receipt will be issued on realization of Cheque / Pay Order/ Draft.
  4. Kindly send along with the application from 4 coloured photographs (Red Background, Size 1” X 1”, Glossy Paper) of the applicant.
  5. Cheque/Draft/Pay Order of Rs.17,700.00/- in favour of “MANDAPESHWAR CIVIC FEDERATION” should be submitted with the Application. (M/ship Fee Rs.15,000.00/- + G.S.T Rs. 2,700.00/- @ 18%)
  6. Application may be submitted during working hours within stipulated time-limit.
  7. Blood Group of the applicant should be mentioned in the application.
  8. Photo Copy of Birth Certificate to be attached for all family members with Application Form.
  9. Incomplete application in any respect will not be accepted.
  10. Medical Form to be filled in and to be submitted along with the Application form.
  11. The Old Identity Card will be exchanged at the time of issuance of Associate Membership Card.