The Billiards & Snooker facility is located on the first floor of the sports complex. The facility has 2 international size snooker tables which are regularly maintained in good condition. The facility is fully air-conditioned and members of the sports complex have the option of becoming sectional members by paying the prescribed sectional fees or by paying casual fees for playing for duration of 30 minutes. The section has recently been revamped and has an ambient atmosphere. The section conducts two home tournaments in a calendar year. The section has also played host to several handicap state level billiards tournaments under the aegis of Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra(BSAM). An All India Invitational Snooker tournament featuring top international players of India like Pankaj Advani, Geet Sethi & Aditya Mehta has been the crowning glory of all tournaments conducted in the sports complex. The MCF billiards team comprising of our members Rohan Jambusaria, Chandu Kansodaria, Sanchit Gemavat and Mehul Sutariya has finished in second position in the Billiards League tournament conducted by BSAM.


The billiards & snooker sub-committee is the representation of the playing members of the section and recommends suitable amendments to playing rules, conducting tournaments, addition of facilities, grievances of the members etc to the managing committee during their annual tenure.

The present sub-committee for the year 2016 – 2017 is as follows:

Name M/Ship.No. Mobile No. Res. No.
Mr. Maharshi R. Desai  (Convener) LM/2845/1 9820512599 28955796
Mr. Rohan N. Jambusaria LM/2823/1 9930300412 28912329
Mr. P. P. Iyer LM/0635/1 9819164491 28334491
Mr. Amit B. Joshi AM/1861 9821445055 30621651
Mr. Ramesh Sanghavi LM/0116/1 9820086308 28935964
Mr. Deven Mistry LM/1565/1 9819123250 28986077
Mr. Avenish D. Shah LM/2827/1 9920134146 28946034
Mr. Sanchit Gemavat LM/0399 9870101503
Mr. Mehul G. Sutaria LM/2118/1 9833844383 28061812
Mr. Ramdas Shanbhag (Special Invitee)

Section Timings :

2.00 pm – 10.00 pm (Monday – Saturday)

10.30 am – 1.30 pm, 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm (Sundays & Bank Holidays)

Daily Charges For Members :

Week Days Weekend
Fees CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total Fees CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total
    60.00     5.00      5.00     70.00     60.00     5.00      5.00       70.00

Sectional Fees  for (2017 – 2018):

SECTION Fees (Rs) CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total (Rs)
YEARLY 7,211.00 649.00 649.00 8,509.00
SC/LD/ST (Y) 3,606.00 325.00 325.00 4,256.00
HALF YEARLY 4,807.00 433.00 433.00 5,673.00
QUARTERLY 3,004.00 270.00 270.00 3,544.00
MONTHLY 1,250.00 113.00 113.00 1,476.00

*Sr. Citizens, Ladies & Students below 18 years

Guest Charges: **Casual Members are charged Rs. 70/- for a 30 minute session on all days. Non-members are prohibited from playing in this section.

*There is no coaching scheme in this section. However beginners have to compulsorily undergo preliminary coaching from the marker.

**Casual Members are defined as persons who are members of the sports complex but have not paid sectional fees in that section.

Billiards rules :

  1. Members desirous of availing of this facility, shall pay the prescribed sectional fees in advance.
  2. The number of Members to be admitted will be decided by the Management taking into consideration the maximum capacity this facility can offer.
  3. Admission will be on first-come-first-served basis.
  4. Admission will be closed as soon as the required number of Members are admitted to this facility.
  5. Children under 18 yrs. of age are not allowed to play Billiards.
  1. Coaching timings for beginners will be fixed by the Coach but will be fixed in such a manner that the normal working of the section is not disturbed.
  2. Coaching fee for beginners shall be Rs.400/- per Member and the duration of Coaching will be for 45 working days.
  1. The playing timings shall be displayed on the Notice Board and the Members will have to adhere to them rigidly.
  2. The tables will be available for play to Members on “First-Come-First-Served Basis”.
  3. A Member shall enter his name in the Register maintained by the Attendant and sign prior to starting play. A Member while making the entry in the Register shall also indicate the type of the game he wants to play.
  4. The Attendant will immediately write the name of the Member on the Board in the same order as in the Register. No Member will write the name on the Board.
  5. The Marker will allot the table and give the playing apparata to the Members which will be returned after play.
  6. Game to be played in the Billiards Room are Billiards and Snooker.
  7. The Member who is first to be allotted the table as per his turn will have a say regarding the type of game to be played.
  8. The Member who is to play with him as per his turn, if by chance does not wish to play such type of game as the first Member wants to play will wait for his turn. However, he will get the first preference.
  9. Fresh Members whose names have been written on the Board should be physically available in the Billiards Room when their turn comes. In case they are not available at that time when their names are called by the Attendant, their names will be removed from the Board as well as the Register by the Attendant. Their names will have to be re-entered in the Register as well as the Board when they make their entry into the Billiards Room again for playing.It shall not be the responsibility of the staff to call the Member concerned from outside.
  10. Coach/Marker shall play with the Members if no players are available at a given time.
  11. Once the table is allotted, 5 minutes time will be given for fixing the table and cueing practice by players before the commencement of the game.
  12. A session of 30 minutes will be allowed and only the break by the player in progress will be allowed to be completed after the time – over is called by the Marker.
  13. The marker only will display the points on the Score Board.
  14. During the half hour when the session is in progress, if a Member wants to discontinue for one reason or the other, the Marker will take over and finish the session with the other Member. In case both the Members want to discontinue, fresh or waiting Members will play as per their turn.
  15. Under no circumstances, a Member will be allowed to substitute any other Member in his place out of turn. The
    vacancy, if any, caused will be filled in by the Member whose claim is next.
  16. Members will be allowed to play extra game/s only when no fresher/s is/are waiting.
  17. No substitution by any other Member will be allowed even during the extra games played. In case of vacancy, a fresher or in the absence of a fresher, a Member eligible to play an extra game will get his chance as per his turn.
  18. Any game being played after 10.00 P.M., whether it is an extra game or game of freshers, will be allowed only up to 10.30 P.M. (closing time of the section) irrespective of the stipulated time of 30 minutes of play not possible. Members will not be allowed extension of time under any circumstances.
  19. Members starting a game after 10.00 P.M. will be doing so knowing fully that they will not get the stipulated 30 minutes of play.

Members will be responsible for safeguarding the playing apparata while in use. They will be liable to make good the cost of the apparata in the event of breakage or damage to them due to bad handling. The cost will be fixed by the Management after assessing the breakage/damage caused.

  • Members shall not argue with the Marker/Staff. Any complaints/suggestions are to be given in the prescribed form available at the Reception Counter/Manager on duty. Ruling given on the spot in this regard by the Manager on duty will have to be followed till the Complaints/Suggestions are considered by the Management and decisions taken.
  • Members are advised to observe total silence and discipline in the Billiards Room in order to maintain the decorum of the game. No Member will be allowed to monitor the game when it is in progress.
  • Members are not allowed to move around the table and disturb the players while playing.
  • Members should ensure that the shoes they wear are clean so that the carpet is not spoiled. In case the want to play bare-foot, they can do so.
  • Members should wear full pant (trousers) and shirt/T-Shirts. Shorts or half-pant will not be permitted.
  • All types of drinks and eatables are strictly prohibited inside the Billiards Room. Smoking/chewing of pan/pan
    masala is also prohibited. For breach of this condition, Members are liable for disciplinary action including
    suspension of Sectional Membership for a week, if found guilty.
  • Decision of the Marker/Staff will be binding on all the Members in respect of Management of the Billiards Room within the framed rules.
  • The staff will not be responsible for person belongings of the Members kept in the Billiards Room. The Members should themselves safeguard their personal belongings including Mobile Phones.
  • Members will have to adhere to the rules strictly.
  • The Management shall be the sole authority for interpretation and implementation of the rules and their decision shall be final and binding.
  • The Management reserves its right to repeal, alter, add or amend the rules, when conditions warrant.

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