The recently revamped gymnasium and cardio vascular section is the crowning glory of the sports complex. All strength and cardiovascular equipment has been imported from Life Fitness, USA and installed in an ambient air-conditioned environment. The strength equipment has been selected after an exhaustive study and caters to all body parts while the cardio vascular equipment is comparable to the best in the world. The section has qualified trainers to guide every member through his/her fitness regimen. The section is unisex and there are no fixed hours for our ladies members. This section is accessible to members by paying a prescribed sectional fee. The top notch facilities available in the gymnasium have made this section a popular haunt for fitness loving members of the sports complex. A home tournament in several fitness disciplines is conducted every year and opens for participation to all members of the sports complex.


The gymnasium sub-committee is the representation of the members of the section and recommends suitable amendments to rules, addition of facilities, grievances of the members etc to the managing committee during their annual tenure.

The present sub-committee for the year 2017-18 is as follows:

Name M/Ship.No. Mobile No. Res. No.
Mr. Jitendra S. Roy (Convener) LM/0349/1 9322255911 9820855911
Mr. Dharmesh R. Oza LM/1850/1 9867367941
Mr. Rohit S. Shetty LM/3855/1 9833260031
Mr. Hemant K. Asher LM/1152/1 9820010600
Mr. Rajesh B. Shukla LM/3030/1 9223595695 28907166
Mr. Jainam Ghelani LM/2832/1 9820574442
Mr. Jainam Ghelani
Mr. Amar P. Patel LM/3963/1 7208896933 28933318

Timing :

Week Days : Sundays / Holidays :
Morning : 6.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Evening : 3.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Morning : 6.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Evening : 3.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Sectional Fees  for (2017 – 2018):

SECTION Fees (Rs) CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total (Rs)
YEARLY 6,000.00 540.00 540.00 7,080.00
SC/LD (Y) 3,000.00 270.00  270.00  3,540.00
HALF YEARLY 4,000.00 360.00 360.00 4,720.00
QUARTERLY 3,000.00 270.00 270.00 3,540.00
MONTHLY 1,250.00 113.00 113.00 1,476.00

*Sr. Citizens, Ladies & Students below 18 years.
Guests are not allowed to use the facilities in this section.

Gymnasium Rules :

  1. Members desirous of availing of this facility, shall pay the prescribed sectional fees in advance.
  2. The number of members to be admitted will be decided by the Management taking into consideration the maximum capacity this facility can offer.
  3. Admission will be on first-come-first-served basis.
  4. Admission will be closed as soon as the required members are admitted to this facility.
  1. Timings will be displayed on the Notice Board and the members will have to adhere to them.
  2. The timings are liable for revision, if conditions warrant.
  1.  Members shall produce the Identity Card and sign the register maintained by the       Attendant before entry.
  2. Members shall maintain absolute decorum, discipline and silence inside the Gymnasium.
  3. Decision of the person in-charge shall be binding on all Members.
  4. Complaints and suggestions shall be made in writing to the authorities concerned.
  5. All types of drinks and eatables are strictly prohibited inside the Gymnasium.
  6. Chewing of pan/pan masala and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the Gymnasium.
  7. Members making use of the Gymnasium shall do so at their own risk.
  8. Person suffering from heart diseases, blood, pressure etc. must produce a renowned doctor’s  certificate before using Sauna/Steam Bath/Jaccuzi. The management will not be responsible for any casualty.
  9. A Member who is suffering from any skin infection or contagious disease will not be permitted to use the Gymnasium or any facility of the Gymnasium.
  10. Members shall strictly follow the guidelines given by the Gymnasium Supervisors.
  11. It shall be the responsibility of each member to safeguard his/her own belongings and the Management will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  12. Batch system will be arranged, if required, and members will be allowed only during the batch allotted to them.
  13. Absolute cleanliness will have to be maintained inside the Gymnasium/Dressing Room.
  14. For use of the Gymnasium, Gents shall wear half-short or swimming trunk with T-shirt and Ladies shall wear swimming trunk or half-short or bell-type jacket along with loose T-shirt or bra.
  15. Members will not be permitted inside the Gymnasium after consumption of alcohol.
  16. Members inclined to hypertension should avoid Sauna and Steam Bath.
  17. Reading material should not be taken inside the Sauna/Steam Bath.
  18. Clothes should not be kept for drying purpose in Sauna Heaters. The Gymnasium personnel will be held responsible if the clothes are kept for drying purpose on Sauna Heater.
  19. The Management shall be the sole authority for interpretation of the Rules and their decision shall be final and binding.
  20. The Management reserves its right to repeal, alter, add or amend the Rules, when conditions warrant.

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