Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool




Swimming is a free activity for members. Sectional charges are not applicable to members of the complex for swimming. The 25 meters long pool with springboard diving facility is located behind the main complex building. Members and Guests who wish to utilize the facility have to bring their swimming costume. The swimming pool of the sports complex has hosted four Inter School aquatics tournaments. Many swimmers representing our sports complex have made the Dharamtar to Gateway long distance swim besides representing the district and state in national level competitions. Off late our swimmer Omkar Nehete has represented the state in the Junior National Championships. Coaching services are also available for beginners and the complex also conducts summer camps for kids below the age of 18.


The swimming sub-committee is the representation of the members of the section and recommends suitable amendments to rules, conducting tournaments, addition of facilities, grievances of the members etc to the managing committee during their annual tenure.

The present sub-committee for the year 2017-18 is as follows:

Name M/Ship.No. Mobile No. Res. No.
Mr. Chandrakant K. Patel (Convener) LM/3031/1 9967433221 28905721
Mr. Jitendra S. Roy LM/0349/1 9322255911 9820855911
Mr. Rajesh B. Shukla LM/3030/1 9223595695 28907166
Mr. Ganpatbhai P. Patel LM/0106/1 9820157363 28061530
Mr. Sanjays H. Trivedi LM/0185 9821016161
Mr. Narendra S. Parikh LM/1160/1 9920343295 28916233

Timing :

Gents : All Days Ladies : All Days
Morning : 6.00 a.m. to 1.00 a.m.
Evening : 4.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Evening : 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Monday Evening Close

One time Guest Charges:

Category Week Days Weekend
Fees CGST @ 9% SGST @9% Total Fees CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total
Non Members     42.00     4.00     4.00     50.00     84.00     8.00     8.00       100.00

*General Entry charges as applicable

Reservation of pool from 1.00pm to 3.00pm by School, Public/Private Organizations

Schools Public/Private Organisation


Maximum no. of participants


Option A Option B
Rs. 25/- per entry Rs. 500/- per hour Rs. 2,000/- for 2 hours 60

Coaching Scheme:

Section Period Total CGST @ 9% SGST @ 9% Total
Basic 10 Days       550.00         50.00         50.00      650.00
Advance 6 Months    3,850.00       347.00       347.00    4,544.00


Dolphin Swimming

Swimming Pool rules :

  1. The Swimming Pool shall remain open during the timings fixed by the Management and the timings shall be displayed on the Notice Board.
  2. The Management reserves the right to change the timings as and when it deems proper. However, the changes will be displayed on the Notice Board  sufficiently in advance for the information of the Members.
  3. The Management reserves the right to close the Pool or any part thereof on any day or days it may deem fit for repairs or maintenance  without previous notice, if conditions warrant.
  1. Members desirous of availing of the Swimming Pool facility should fill in the prescribed form with complete details. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  2. Members should start availing of the facility only after the form is accepted by the Management and they are duly enrolled.
  3. The Medical Certificate incorporated in the form should be got signed by a Registered Medical Practitioner before submission of the form.
  4. The Management reserves the right to give or refuse permission to avail of the facility without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  5. The Management reserves the right to charge the Members any special fees for availing of the facility, if necessary.
  1. The word “Pool” in these rules shall be taken to mean any and all parts of the Pool area including the Pool itself, the deck and the surrounding premises.
  2. Members making use of the Pool do so at their own risk. The Management shall not be responsible in any way for injuries, accidents or deaths in the Pool or surrounding areas.
  3. Members will have to produce their Identity Cards, when demanded.
  4. Every Member shall abide by the rules in force from time to time.
  5. The Management shall be entitled to expel any Member from the Pool for breach of rules or for improper conduct or for any other reason which the Management in its discretion may think proper. Decision of the Management in such matters shall be final and binding. Such members shall be liable for any disciplinary action in accordance with the rules.
  6. Members are strictly warned not to bring any valuable personal belongings with them.The Management will not be responsible for any property lost or stolen.
  7. Members shall take due and reasonable care in their use of the Pool. Any damages resulting through Members’ negligence shall have to be fully compensated for.
  8. Members shall remove their foot wears before entering the Swimming Pool area and keep them in the rack provided for the purpose.
  9. Members shall not bring any pet or animal in the Pool premises.
  10. Any complaints/suggestions regarding the functioning of the Pool should be made to the Management in writing.
  11. Eatables and drinks are prohibited in the Pool area.
  12. Smoking or chewing Pan/Pan Masala in the Pool area is prohibited.
  13. The Management reserves the right of changing, altering or amending the rules, whenever it deems necessary.
  1. A Member suffering from any contagious or infectious diseases shall not be allowed to enter the Pool.
  2. The Management reserves the right of getting any Member examined by a Doctor or Panel of Doctors appointed by it, if necessary, and admit/reject any Member according to the result of such an examination.
  1. No Member shall be allowed to enter the Pool in any apparel other than either a recognized swimming costume or swimming trunk. Members, either Men or Women, with long hair shall wear a bathing cap.
  1. No Member shall be permitted to enter or remain in the Pool or its premises at any time other than the timings fixed by the Management.
  2. No Member shall enter the Pool during the absence of the Swimming Instructors/Lifeguards.
  3. All Members must sign the register kept at the Counter while entering and leaving the Pool specifying the arrival and departure timings.
  4. No Member shall enter the Pool without first having taken a shower and foot bath.
  5. No Member shall use soap or other substance or preparation before entering the Pool.
  6. No Member shall foul or pollute the water in the pool.
  7. Urinating/Spitting in the Pool or on the deck is strictly prohibited.
  8.  Members are not allowed to swim with large rubber floats, paddles etc.
  9. Member are not permitted to use the diving boards without the permission of the Instructors/Lifeguards. Swimmers should avoid swimming in the area near the diving boards, when in use, to avoid accidents.
  1. A Member who is a beginner, shall follow the instructions in swimming given by the Swimming Instructors appointed by the Management.
  2. A beginner must swim in the shallow section of the Pool till such time as he/she is found fit for swimming in the deep section.
  3. A beginner shall not remove the float while in water without the permission of the Swimming Instructors.
  1. The Management has provided lockers for use of Members using the Pool on daily basis, free of charge.
  2. The keys of these lockers are available with the Attendant and Members desirous of using the locker should take the key from the Attendant after surrendering their Identity Cards which will be returned to the Member concerned only after giving back the key of the locker after use.
  3. In case the key is lost by the Member a sum of Rs.60/- will have to be paid by him/her on the spot towards cost of replacement of the lock and key by the Management. Only then the Identity Card will be returned.
  4. Members are requested to place their personal belongings in the lockers. The Management will not be responsible for any loss of contents of the locker during occupation or otherwise or breakage thereof.
  1. No child under the age of 3 years shall be permitted to enter the pool unless accompanied by guardian/parents, who are members.
  2. Members children between the age of 3 and 6 shall not be admitted in the Pool unless accompanied by their parent, who shall be responsible for their conduct and safety.
  3. Children below 10 years are permitted to swim during special timings for Ladies.
  4. Members are requested to ensure that their children are in possession of their Identity Cards in the event of being required for inspection by the Management.
  5. Entry of ayahs or servants in the pool is strictly prohibited.

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Half Yearly, 10 Days


Advance, Beginners