The Volleyball court is located adjoining the tennis court. A mud court has been constructed recently on the recommendation of the Volleyball Sub-Committee. Volleyball is a seasonal and very popular activity. This activity is currently free to play for members without payment of additional subscription. A local form of volleyball called Shooting Ball is played in the sports complex. Home tournaments are conducted every year and besides this an open tournament featuring teams from all over Mumbai is conducted in the sports complex.


The volleyball sub-committee is the representation of the playing members of the section and recommends suitable amendments to playing rules, conducting tournaments, addition of facilities, grievances of the members etc to the managing committee during their annual tenure.

The present sub-committee for the year 2016-17 is as follows:

Name M/Ship.No. Mobile No. Res. No.
Mr. Rajesh B. Shukla (Convener) LM/3030/1 9223595695 28907166
Mr. Dharmesh R. Oza LM/1850/1 9867367941 28940743
Mr. Rajendra K. Mody LM/1989/1 9987666155 28952958
Mr. Amit Desai LM/3669/1 9820274871 28904871
Mr. Viren Mehta AM/4162 8291307163 9619011801
Mr. Jatin B. Thakar LM/2363/1 9004596594 28900405


Timing : 

Week Days : Sundays / Holidays :
Morning : 6.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Evening : 2.15 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Morning : 6.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Evening : 2.15 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

One time Guest Charges:

Category Weekdays Weekends & Bank Holidays
Casual Members
Non Members Rs. 60/- Rs. 120/-

*General Entry charges as applicable

VolleyBall rules :

The right back court player does the service from the service zone which is 3 M. area on the right side end of the court behind the back line. Service is done by hitting the ball with one hand or any part of the arm. The server could keep his hand open or closed while doing the service. The server can move freely in the service zone and can also jump while doing the service as long as he does not touch the end line. The server has to serve within 5 seconds of the first Referee’s whistle. The server if he serves before the whistle it is treated as cancelled. To be a fair service the ball should not touch any part of the net and also should land in the opponent’s Court.

Each Team is entitled to a maximum of 3 contracts to return the ball over a net to the opponent’s Court when a player touches the ball or when the ball touches the player it is considered as a “Contract”. The ball may be contacted with any part of the body above and including the waist. The ball may contact various parts of the body provided the contacts are done simultaneously, the hit is correct and the bounce is clear. The ball must be hit and not come to rest. The ball should not be lifted, pushed, carried or thrown. Two or more players may contact the ball at the same time and not commit a faul. Simultaneous contact by two team mates occur it is considered as two contacts. If a player contacts a ball with any part of the body under the waist it is called as “Illegal Contact”. If two opponents hold the ball simultaneously over the net it is termed as “Double Faul”. When a player does not clearly contact the ball or if the ball comes to rest momentarily it is called “Held Ball”. If a player contacts the ball more than ones without any of his team mets contacting a ball in between the two contacts it is called as “Double Contact” and termed as a “Faul”.

Except in service ball touching the net is not considered as a Faul. A ball remain into the net can be retrieved provided it has not touch the ground.

The ball crossing the net and moving into the Opponent’s Court must cross the vertical plane of the net within the crossing space. The crossing space is free space in the vertical plane of the net within the crossing space. The crossing space is the free space in the vertical plane of the net limited by the upper edge of the net and by the Antennas which are placed on the two sides for the edge of the net.

While blocking the players who do so are permitted to contact the ball above the net within the opponent’s space provided they don’t interfere with the play of the opponent. The player is also not allowed to touch the net while blocking or spiking when the ball is driven into the net and causes the net to contact the opposite team player it will not be considered as a faul.

No part of a player except the feet should cross the center line and come in contact with the opponent’s Court. Even the feet or part of the feet which crosses the center line and comes in contact with the Opponent’s Court should remain in contact with the surface. After the Referee’s whistle which marks the end of the valley the player can enter the Opponent’s Court. While the ball is in play no player is allowed to touch the net, any of the Antennas or sneak beneath the net and touch or bother any of the opponent.

The “Attack-Hit” is the action of the player who direct the ball towards the Opponent’s Court. The front line players are permitted to make any type of Attack-Hit at any height above the height of the net provided the ball is partially or fully in his own Court.

The back line player can make any type of “Attack-Hit” provided he is not in the attacking zone (front line) or any part of his body is in contact with the front line when he makes the attack. After he has completed the “Attack-Hit” he may in his follow through cross over the front line or enter the attacking zone.

Blocking the ball from entering into one’s own Court is permitted to only from line players. No back line player is allowed to come and block the ball or play the ball above the vertical plane of the net. Blocking is normally carried out by two or three front line players standing close to each other collectively.

Blocking is not considered as a “Contact”. Therefore, even after blocking if the ball deflects into the defensive player’s Court, they are entitled for three more contacts.