About The Sports Complex

The MCF Sports Complex is a multi-sport complex located adjoining the MCF Garden. It houses premium facilities for various sports.  The sports complex is also a popular venue in the western suburbs of Mumbai for several district and state level ranking tournaments every year and the MCF sports complex has gained recognition in Mumbai city and Maharashtra.

Sporting, Fitness & Recreational Facilities:

Coaching facilities are available round the year in select sports and members of the MCF sports complex have brought laurels to the federation by performing meritoriously in tournaments around the country. Top ranked players at the district, state and national level are conferred honorary sports membership to enable our members to play regularly with the best competition. The management of the complex places great emphasis on the development of character through the medium of sports and in-house tournaments are hosted annually in all sports. Sub-Committees have been formed in all sporting disciplines to advise the managing committee in all matters regarding the section.

Various cultural events are also conducted by the Cultural Sub-Committee & Ladies Wing. The Annual Day which is a popular annual concert provides a platform for members to showcase their talents. Besides this, the annual Christmas party for kids and New Year’s Eve party are some of the popular events held in the sports complex.Various festivals are also celebrated in the complex. A poolside restaurant serves quality food at reasonable prices for members and their guests.

The sports complex is in the process of being renovated for the purpose of ambience, added security and providing comfort to all members and their guests.

Consumption of spirits and alcoholic beverages, Chewing of paan, tobacco & Gutkha and Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the premises of the sports complex.